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You're Never Too Old

Verses For Courage with Bruce Gordon

Whether you enjoy working or not, we all know the Bible teaches about its importance. So what about when you retire? Can we be useful in God’s Kingdom as we age?

Verses For Courage with Bruce GordonAugust 31, 2018
You're Never Too OldSeptember 3, 2018



Made for More


Originally created to help children know Scripture and get a peaceful night’s sleep, the Scripture lullaby series Hidden in My Heart has found a much larger audience. From senior citizens facing illness to young children having trouble falling asleep, this music allows God to minister to people in a uniquely gentle way that is both peaceful and powerful.




The Meaning of Work

In the last several years, we’ve seen record levels of unemployment. It even had a name: The Great Recession. Today, unemployment rates are much better, but most of us remember the rec ...

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