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War and Peace

War and Peace

Part 1: From nations to families, war is knit throughout the fabric of human history. It’s also a topic that comes up frequently in Scripture. Discover what the Bible has to say about war and peace.

Part 2: From man vs. man to man vs. God, war is mentioned throughout the Bible. One poignant example takes place when a little shepherd boy stood up against a giant enemy to wage war for the Lord.

Part 3: God called Israel into the Promised Land and commanded them to wipe out everyone who lived there.  How can a good God command such an act of war? Charles Morris digs into the tough answers.

Part 4: Israel was the “apple of God’s eye,” but the Bible teaches they were never perfect. The Lord often allowed terrible things—even war—to bring them to repentance and restoration.

Part 5: Can you imagine what the world would be like if we stopped fighting one another? The Bible promises that there will be a time of peace, but the question still remains: “How long, O Lord?”

War and PeaceMay 20, 2019
War and Peace| Part 2May 21, 2019
War and Peace| Part 3May 22, 2019
War and Peace| Part 4May 23, 2019
War and Peace| Part 5May 24, 2019



C.S. Lewis at War Audio Drama (2-Disc Set)



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