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To Have and To Hold

To Have and To Hold| Part 1

Part 1: June is traditionally the most popular month for weddings. But did you know Jesus often used the analogy of weddings and marriage to point to heavenly truths greater than matrimony?

Part 2: Jesus’ first recorded miracle took place at a wedding when he turned water to wine. The question is, what is the significance of this? And what is it meant to tell us about salvation?

Part 3: If you are going to feast with the Lord, you better be wearing the appropriate outfit. We’re not talking tuxedos and dresses.

Part 4: Death has profound implications for marriage. Christ died. We died with him. And in new life we are united to him forever. Discover more when you listen to today’s program.

Part 5: When people get married, they expect everything to go according to plan. But what if one of the invited guests disrupts the carefully planned ceremony? It turns out, Jesus also thought about this.

To Have and To Hold| Part 1June 17, 2019
To Have and to Hold| Part 2June 18, 2019
To Have and To Hold| Part 3June 19, 2019
To Have and to Hold| Part 4June 20, 2019
To Have and To Hold| Part 5June 21, 2019



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