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Paradise Lost and Found

Paradise Lost and Found| Part 1

Part 1: When Jesus started his ministry, he told people to repent. This meant a turning from sin, and turning to Jesus. It meant leaving something behind to gain something better.

Part 2: Today’s program does two things. First, you’ll hear from a 91 year old who lost his home in a wildfire. After that, we’ll talk about the battles all Christians face—both physical and spiritual.

Part 3: Being a Christian can be tough. At times, you might feel belittled, ashamed of the name of Jesus, or embarrassed to even share the Gospel. But there’s hope for those burdened with shame.

Part 4: We all die. The question is, are you prepared for death and what comes next? How can you? Find out when you listen to today’s program.

Part 5: Some would say John Bunyan was immortalized through his classic book “Pilgrim’s Progress.” But for this man of God, everlasting life could only be found in one place . . . his passionate faith in Jesus Christ.

Paradise Lost and Found| Part 1November 11, 2019
Paradise Lost and Found| Part 2November 12, 2019
Paradise Lost and Found| Part 3November 13, 2019
Paradise Lost and Found| Part 4November 14, 2019
Paradise Lost and Found| Part 5November 15, 2019



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