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Never Say Never

Never Say Never

Part 1: Steve McQueen was one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but it never satisfied him. Something was missing. Finally, at the end of his life, he found true fulfillment in Christ. Hear his surprising story on today’s program.

Part 2: Sometimes it appears people are too far gone to come to faith in Christ. But Jesus’ encounter with the thief on the cross shows us that it’s never too late to be saved.

Part 3: When Saul was persecuting Jesus, no one would’ve ever believe that one day he would worship him as his Lord. After all, no one is too far gone for Christ.

Part 4: Steve McQueen had fame and fortune, but he still longed for true freedom. Can anything bring us liberty in this life? Discover how Christ sets us free when you listen.

Part 5: Peter is known as the disciple who denied Jesus three times. He was embarrassed and afraid, but Christ gave him another chance just before he ascended to heaven.

Never Say NeverFebruary 17, 2020
Never Say Never| Part 2February 18, 2020
Never Say Never| Part 3February 19, 2020
Never Say Never| Part 4February 20, 2020
Never Say Never| Part 5February 21, 2020



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