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Meeting Others on Haven

Meeting Others on Haven| Ken & Joni Eareckson Tada

When you hear stories of what God is doing for people from all walks of life, it can greatly encourage your faith. Over the years we’ve aired hundreds of faith-strengthening interviews. This week we’re highlighting a few of our favorites:

Ken & Joni Eareckson Tada: She broke her neck in a tragic accident, never hoping to walk again or know the joy of marriage … she was only partly right. Meet the man who married the woman he knew would never leave her chair.

Kara Tippetts: She was a 38-year-old pastor’s wife and a mother of four, but then she got terminal cancer. Hear the interview with Kara and her husband as they reflect on Christ’s peace just a few months before she went home to be with the Lord.

The Jesus Well: In a remote Kenyan village, a tribe was experiencing an intense drought. As they discussed how they were all going to die, one man decided to try one last thing: ask some Christian missionaries to pray for them. Find out how God immediately answered their prayers with what was later named “The Jesus Well.”

Jeremy Begbie: He’s a theologian who found a unique way share the gospel through music. One way he does this is by intricately describing the trinity while playing piano. You can hear him do just that when you listen to today’s program.

Andraé Crouch: He worked with artists like Elvis and Quincy Jones. But despite being well known in his own right, gospel singer Andraé Crouch was more interested in telling others about Jesus. Hear his interview with Charles Morris.

Meeting Others on Haven| Ken & Joni Eareckson TadaMarch 25, 2019
Meeting Others on Haven| Kara TippettsMarch 26, 2019
Meeting Others on Haven| The Jesus WellMarch 27, 2019
Meeting Others on Haven| Jeremy BegbieMarch 28, 2019
Meeting Others on Haven| Andraé CrouchMarch 29, 2019




After the radio interview for Haven Today, Joni and Ken stepped outside with Charles to share some joy that came during the first vacation they have taken in 30 years.



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