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Into Darkness ... Light

Into Darkness Light

Part 1: Charles Morris lights the way through bleak midwinter with the start of a new series on how Christ’s light can shine through even our darkest moments.

Part 2: No one is immune to mental health issues, not even pastors. On today’s program, pastor Nicholas Davis shares how he counsels his flock as he faces his own struggles with depression.

Part 3: Depression is a troubling subject. It doesn’t discriminate against rich our poor, influential or ordinary. And it often leaves devastation in its wake when loved ones take their own lives. No matter the situation, Christ offers hope for those who dwell in darkness.

Part 4: The Bible is full of promises. But that’s easy to forget when you are in the midst of crippling depression and anxiety. And yet Christ continues to minister to those who face dark times.

Part 5: Sometimes, the best medicine for depression includes a hot bath and some good stand-up comedy. Simple pleasures go a long way, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Jesus isn’t involved!

Into Darkness LightJanuary 27, 2020
Into Darkness ... Light| Part 2January 28, 2020
Into Darkness ... Light| Part 3January 29, 2020
Into Darkness ... Light| Part 4January 30, 2020
Into Darkness ... Light| Part 5January 31, 2020



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The Depressed Christian

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