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I Surrender All

I Surrender All

Part 1: When Laura and her husband, Martin, faced a brain tumor, infertility, and a son’s birth defect, she realized she’d been looking for a happiness that comes from circumstances, rather than a deeper joy that comes from God.

Part 2: The Christian life is ultimately a life of surrender. Few people know this deeper than Laura Story, who discovered a greater life of worship and true surrender when facing shattered dreams. Hear more of her story.

Part 3: The Pearl of Great Price is precious, but not in the same way as silver or gold. It’s organic, but it’s not alive. So what is it? And why did Jesus tell us about it in a parable?

Part 4: “Not my will, but yours be done.” This is a hard prayer when we know suffering is around the corner. It’s also a powerful way for us to practice surrender and align ourselves with the will of God.

Part 5: “All to Jesus I surrender, all to Him I freely give.” Most of us know this hymn by heart, but it’s a lot harder to live out than it is to sing. Everyone, even the apostle Paul, has to learn how to surrender to the Lord.

I Surrender AllFebruary 10, 2020
I Surrender All| Part 2February 11, 2020
I Surrender All| Part 3February 12, 2020
I Surrender All| Part 4February 13, 2020
I Surrender All| Part 5February 14, 2020



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