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Heartwarming Christmas Stories

Heartwarming Christmas Stories| Part 1

An eight-year old boy dug deep in his pockets to get his impoverished family something special for Christmas … only to have his gift rejected. Years later, the story comes full circle.

Heartwarming Christmas Stories| Part 1December 9, 2019
Heartwarming Christmas Stories| Part 2December 10, 2019
Heartwarming Christmas Stories| Part 3December 11, 2019
Heartwarming Christmas Stories| Part 4December 12, 2019
Heartwarming Christmas Stories| Part 5December 13, 2019



Kids Praise Christmas Set

Available exclusively at Haven Ministries... Volumes 1-3 are full of lively classics like “Amen, Praise the Lord,” “The Butterfly Song,” and “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God”. Psalty helps...

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Psalty's Christmas Calamity

Psalty & the Kids Praise Kids are invited to sing at the Neighborhood Church on Christmas Eve. While rehearsing their version of the Christmas Story, they discover that Psalty's pages...

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The Choir of King's College: 100 Years of Nine Lessons & Carols (CD)

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the sound of carols sung from King's College Chapel. Each year over Christmas millions around the world enjoy the choir's A Festival of Nine Lessons...

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Silent Night: The WWI Christmas Truce

Lieutenant Charles Brewer never imagined that he’d spend his Christmas in 1914 nearly knee deep in mud and praying that the Germans wouldn’t overtake him and his battalion from Great...

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The Unwanted Christmas Tree

HAVE YOU EVER GIVEN SOMEONE YOU LOVE something you thought was the perfect gift only to have it rejected? I recently heard a heart-breaking story that happened to an eight-year...

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Christmas Carols Sung by King's College Choir

100 years ago, the Great War was coming to an end. Cambridge had emptied out. Many of its students went to war, and only a fraction would return. Leaders at...

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The Story Behind Psalty the Singing Songbook

Psalty the Singing Songbook is a little bizarre at first glance, but this beloved character and his songs have touched millions of lives around the world for the past 40...

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