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Debunking The Prosperity Gospel

Debunking The Prosperity Gospel

Part 1: This was one of our most listened-to programs of 2019. Listen and learn about how Costi Hinn walked away from a life of luxury when he discovered the true gospel.

Part 2: Wealth. Luxury. Comfort. These are the things that make the prosperity gospel so appealing. But this is not the true gospel.

Part 3: When we talk to people about the prosperity gospel, it’s easy to focus on winning the argument. But debating someone—even with noble intentions—is a bad way to genuinely love your neighbor.

Part 4: Which is more important: truth or love? If you follow Christ, the correct answer is both. So how do we speak the truth in love as we are called to do in Ephesians 4:15?

Part 5: A few months ago, Costi Hinn told us about his journey out of the prosperity gospel movement. His family had big plans for him, but then he discovered the true, biblical gospel. A lot has happened since.

Debunking The Prosperity GospelFebruary 3, 2020
Debunking The Prosperity Gospel| Part 2February 4, 2020
Debunking the Prosperity Gospel| Part 3February 5, 2020
Debunking The Prosperity Gospel| Part 4February 6, 2020
Debunking The Prosperity Gospel| Part 5February 7, 2020



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