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Daniel Under Fire

Daniel Under Fire

What can we learn from the Bible about anxiety? Most people would suggest looking to the Psalms, but that is not the only book where we can find hope.

Daniel Under FireApril 23, 2018
Daniel Under Fire| Part 2April 24, 2018
Daniel Under Fire| Part 3April 25, 2018
Daniel Under Fire| Part 4April 26, 2018
Daniel Under Fire| Part 5April 27, 2018



Hidden In My Heart Vol. 1 (CD)


From the CD Hidden In My Heart, a lullaby journey through Scripture Scripture Lullabies presents a cinematic sound that appeals to listeners of every age – it’s not just for the little ones!


Scripture Lullabies: Hidden in My Heart

Originally created to help children know Scripture and get a peaceful night's sleep, the Scripture lullaby album Read More

Scripture Lullabies: An Interview with Jay Stocker

Daily, we hear the headlines of war around the world and political turmoil, which only amplifies the challenges we face in our jobs and daily family life. For many of us, this produces a ...

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10 Biblical Truths For Losing Fear

Whether it’s a terrorist attack or changes in the world around us, only one word can adequately describe the feeling of despair we feel when life spirals out of control—fear. It can ...

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The Anxious Christian

They achieved their goal when ISIS militants beheaded an American journalist and then another the following week—they caught our attention. What was your reaction when y ...

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7 Abundant Promises from Psalm 23

Psalm 23 may be one of the most famous passages in Scripture. You’ll often hear it recited in funerals and sometimes at weddings. You might even hear it used in your favorite TV show o ...

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