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Refugee Sponsorship

In 2018, Haven Canada sponsored its first Christian refugee family, bringing the Qasha’s from Iraq to Canada via Jordan.

The life-saving transformation for this little family has been incredible as they have integrated into Canadian life completely with English language skills, advanced education, full-time employment and a caring social network. But what has been most rewarding to watch is their spiritual growth as they have been baptized, joined a local church, and are now volunteering as youth sponsors! Their story has truly been a miracle of grace!

Now Haven is excited to announce we are ready to sponsor our second refugee family – once again originating in Iraq but currently living in Jordan. They are the Hindi family – Dad, Mom, and three adult children.

We have met this family on two occasions now, and they are firm Christian believers who have had to leave their professional careers behind them and flee Iraq for safety reasons. Not only is Iraq a volatile country, but as Christians, they endured veiled threats to their well-being and witnessed several killings in their neighbourhood. Now, living as refugees in Jordan, they are safe but have no future as they are not allowed to work, continue their education, or even hold a driver’s license. They are basically “stateless.”

Our goal, as it was with the Qasha family, is to provide the Hindi family with a brand new life here in Canada where they can fulfill their dreams while positively contributing to our country.

The total cost to bring this family of five to Canada and care for their financial needs for the first year is $80,000.

Haven has formed a partnership with a local church to raise these funds, and we are looking to our generous supporters to accomplish this. So would you consider being the hands and feet of Jesus in a very tangible way as we open doors to a bright future for this Christian refugee family? Thank you in Jesus’ name!

Donate Here to Help Sponsor the Hindi Family

Charles Morris Interviews the Hindi Family on Haven Today Broadcast (Oct 22/2019)


The Hindi FamilyHindi family 600Pictured left to right: Afnan (Daughter / Pharmacist), Maryam (Daughter / Pharmacy Student ), Vian (Mother / Teacher), Adeep (Father / Mechanical Engineer), Fadi (Son / Medical doctor).


Afnan Hindi Sings with 2019 Haven Israel Tour in Jordan