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God's Hostage

God’s Hostage| Part 1

Part 1: After being imprisoned in Turkey for two years, Pastor Andrew Brunson was finally released one year ago. A political pawn held captive for his faith, his trial and release made national news. But Brunson’s full story was never told … until this month. 

Part 2: Andrew Brunson and his wife were sharing the gospel with Syrian refugees who just arrived in Turkey. But just as they were making contact, the Brunsons were arrested and called spies. Hear the second part of their interview.

Part 3: What does it really mean to be persecuted for your faith? Though it often goes unreported, Christians around the world are suffering for the Gospel they believe in.

Part 4: How would you respond if you were imprisoned for your faith? Many would be filled with fear and doubt, but the Apostle Paul gives us a better example of how to respond to the Lord when facing persecution.

Part 5: The life of faith is less about what we do and more about what Christ does for us. Rather than focusing on how much faith we have, the only thing that really matters is who we have faith in.

God’s Hostage| Part 1October 14, 2019
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