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Canadian Christians You Should Know

Celebrating 150 years of Canadian independence

Canada150 revised!
David Hearn: A Christian You Should Know

Monday, July 3 2017

Canada is turning 150 years old. And on the next HAVEN Today we’re going to meet up with the president of Canada’s fastest growing evangelical denomination. Join Charles Morris as David Hearn shares his passion to see Canada transformed for Christ.


Paul Henderson: A Christian You Should Know

Tuesday, July 4 2017

He may be one of the most well known Canadians after scoring the winning goal against the Russians. But there is more you should know about famous hockey player Paul Henderson. Listen to HAVEN Today and a program called “Canada 150” with Charles Morris.


Jason Caldwell & Shirley Thiessen: Christians You Should Know

Wednesday, July 5 2017

One of the worst pains in the world is experiencing the loss of a loved one. Both Jason Caldwell and Shirley Thiessen have lost children, but because of the comfort they found in Jesus they were able to comfort others in Calgary. Hear their hope filled stories on HAVEN Today with Charles Morris in a program called “Canada 150.”


Ben Heppner: A Christian You Should Know

Thursday, July 6 2017

Ben Heppner is known as one of the leading Wagnerian tenors of his generation. After 35 years as a opera and concert singer his greatest fulfillment in life has come from his relationship with Jesus Christ. Discover more as Ben Heppner joins Charles Morris on a program called “Canada 150.”


Paolo Aquilini: A Christian You Should Know

Friday, July 7 2017

Hockey has become a celebrated pastime among passionate sports fans throughout the world. Even the owner of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team is a true fan. But he’s even more excited to share about his love for Jesus Christ. Meet Paolo Aquilini on the next HAVEN Today with Charles Morris.



stgcd_medium3d.vxt2prwb27u6ty6guutku64gh3hacbf6Sing the Gospel

Randall Goodgame’s desire is to help children of all ages understand the Gospel through songs that delightfully get stuck in your head. If you’ve been looking for a way to help the children in your life understand the Gospel better, then look no further. Sing the Gospel is exactly what you need.

Here’s Randall’s take on it:

“The riches of the Gospel are immeasurable. We get to be in God’s family! We are transformed from within! Our sins are forgiven, our wounds are made beautiful, and our joy never ends. Last year, our friends at The Good Book Company in the U.K. requested that we curate a collection of the Slugs & Bugs songs that explore these different aspects of the Gospel, and the result became ‘Sing the Gospel’ – a Slugs and Bugs collection.”