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From Con to Cuban Missionary: Wilber’s Story

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 2.29.47 PM
Every Christian has a story to tell. That’s what I tell our El Faro de Redención team in Cuba as they work hard gathering stories of redemption to share with listeners across Cuba and around the world. I met Wilber one night after a service where we worshiped the Lord in a packed church building. There, […]

Introducing Redemption Lighthouse

Redemption Lighthouse, Haven’s Cuba broadcast, is entering its second year! Known as El Faro de Redención in Spanish, this daily radio program and podcast shines the light of Christ from all of Scripture for all of Cuba and all the world! In this video El Faro’s speaker Dan Warne tells the little-known connection between slavery and the […]

Scripture Lullabies: An Interview with Jay Stocker

Daily, we hear the headlines of war around the world and political turmoil, which only amplifies the challenges we face in our jobs and daily family life. For many of us, this produces a great sense of anxiety. But God’s Word has a way of stirring our hearts to sing His praise, even when we […]

Peaceful Music for Anxious Hearts

Originally created to help children know Scripture and get a peaceful night’s sleep, the Scripture lullaby series Hidden in My Heart has found a much larger audience. From senior citizens facing illness to young children having trouble falling asleep, this music allows God to minister to people in a uniquely gentle way that is both peaceful and powerful. […]

On David Powlison: A Spiritual Giant & Friend

For the past few days the Morris household has been grieving the loss of our good friend Dr. David Powlison to pancreatic cancer. A humble giant in the faith, Dave led the charge toward a clear method of biblical counseling, wrote many essays and a few great books on the intersection of psychology and faith, […]

Behind the Scenes with Corrie ten Boom

Originally released in 1975, The Hiding Place remains the most popular movie ever produced by World Wide Pictures, the motion picture ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Based on Corrie ten Boom’s bestselling autobiographical book, this amazing true story is the perfect reminder that “there is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still.” In […]

The Life of C.S. Lewis

Quoted by pastors and read by children, Clive Staples Lewis was no doubt the most significant atheist-turned-Christian of the last century. Many know him only as the creator of Narnia, while others see him primarily as a defender of the faith. And yet there’s so much more to learn about this Irish country boy who […]

The Dramatic Story Behind Mere Christianity

Many of us have heard of and read the Christian classic Mere Christianity, but few know the dramatic, war-torn story of how it came about. The truth is, it was never meant to be a book at all. Early on in World War II, as Nazi bombs rained down on London, the British people were beginning […]

How Lysa TerKeurst Found Unexpected Strength When Life Fell Apart

This article has been adapted from Lysa TerKeurst’s full interview with Haven Today. To hear her tell the story, click here to tune into “Unexpected Strength” and listen to her full interview along with original messages from Charles Morris on how Christ is always present, even in our darkest moments.   In January 2016, I […]

Roy Hession’s Testimony

Roy Hession, a successful evangelist in England, knew he had lost the power of the Spirit in his life—a terrible feeling as he led his evangelistic campaigns. In 1947, Hession met leaders of the East African Church which was then experiencing a sweeping revival, and recognized his deep personal need. It was like starting the […]

A Modern-Day Thief on the Cross

It was almost midnight when I approached with foreboding, the large and white-painted complex. I recall looking up at the moon as I climbed stone steps toward the front entrance, apprehensive, – yes, fearful — of what this night might entail. It was Sunday, Sept. 9, 1990, and I had been praying that I would […]

Ben-Hur Witnesses the Death of Jesus

Near the end of the movie, Ben-Hur meets Jesus one final time … at the cross. Confused by what he is seeing, Ben-Hur asks his longtime friend why such a terrible thing should happen to such a good person. It’s a question we all might find ourselves thinking about on Good Friday.     Ben-Hur: A Tale […]