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Behind the Scenes with Corrie ten Boom

By: Corum Hughes
June 6, 2019 at 2:40 pm

Originally released in 1975, The Hiding Place remains the most popular movie ever produced by World Wide Pictures, the motion picture ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Based on Corrie ten Boom’s bestselling autobiographical book, this amazing true story is the perfect reminder that “there is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still.”

In the following video, the camera follows Corrie around as she meets with the actors and tells her story in the very locations these historic events took place. It’s just one of the three bonus documentaries included in The Hiding Place DVD set.



HidingPlace_DVD (1)The Hiding Place

With the WWII Nazi invasion of Holland, the ten Boom family joins the underground resistance to help save Jewish families, fighting Nazi madness with the only weapon they had … love. When Nazis discovered their “hiding place, ” the family is arrested and imprisoned in concentration camps themselves. The Hiding Place is the remarkable true story of Corrie ten Boom and her sister Betsie, their endurance at the death camp, and their sure hope that God alone is our true refuge.


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