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Chariots of Fire: Eric Liddell Reads Isaiah

Chariots of Fire portrays two unique approaches to the pursuit of Olympic glory. While many strive to achieve glory for themselves and their countries, Eric Liddell ran to glorify God. In what may be one of the most powerful moments in the movie, Eric’s character demonstrates his approach perfectly as he reads from Isaiah 40 […]

Eric Liddell: After the Olympics

Eric Liddell is widely known for refusing to compete in the Olympic Games on Sunday and, as a result, achieving gold in an event that was not his own. This was chronicled in the 1984 Best Picture movie, Chariots of Fire. But what happened to Eric after the credits rolled? In 1924, Eric left the […]

The First Christian Songbook

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to worship with the first followers of Jesus? Thanks to an early 20th century discovery that led to the recent translation and thoughtful production of The Odes Project (2008), we can actually get a taste of what authentic Christian worship would have been like nearly 2,000 years […]

How to Bless the Homeless with God’s Word

You’ve seen them outside buildings and on the side of highway overpasses, but have you ever taken a moment to help and get to know a homeless man or woman? It’s easy to adopt pre-conceived notions of homeless individuals, but every story is unique. And behind every cardboard sign is a human soul who is […]

The Gospel of John: The High Priestly Prayer

You’ve probably heard of the Lord’s prayer, but what about the prayer Jesus spoke on the eve of His crucifixion? The words He said to the Father that night is known as “The High Priestly Prayer,” and just like the other Lord’s prayer, it holds great significance on the way we pray today. In the […]

An Introduction to Jesus

  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…”   This is how John introduces Jesus to the world. Unlike the other gospel writers, John writes an overture, or a prologue, that in the first eighteen verses perfectly captures who Jesus is and what his ministry […]

Take the Challenge: 21 Days Through John

If reading the Bible is so beneficial, then why are many of us delinquent when it comes to spending time in God’s Word? Perhaps it’s for the same reason many of us abandon our January gym memberships and other New Year’s resolutions by the end of February—we simply lose our excitement and motivation. That’s why […]

Christmas Through the Eyes of Isiah

Where I’m from, people seem to be filled with joy at Christmastime. It’s a time when Christmas music, both secular and Christian, take over the airwaves to spread the spirit of Christmas cheer. But is that the way the Lord wants us to celebrate His birth? Is it all about bright lights, happy moments, and […]

A Charles Dickens Christmas

It was October 1843. Charles Dickens stepped out of his brick-and-stone home near Regent’s Park in London to go for a walk. He was normally a buoyant, optimistic person, but on that particular evening he had a heavy heart. At 31, he’d been at the peak of his writing career. Pickwick Papers, Oliver Twist, and […]

A Visit With Charles Dickens’ Great-Great-Grandson

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a Christmas classic. But it’s so much more than a heartwarming story to be read at Christmastime. This tale of Tiny Tim and Ebenezer Scrooge can point us to the truth about ourselves and, more importantly, the true, good news about Jesus. To find out more about why this story has made such […]

Sing the Bible This Christmas

If you’ve been looking for a way for the children around you to memorize and even understand the Bible this Christmas, you don’t have to look any longer. Randall Goodgame, the singer-songwriter behind Slugs & Bugs, has just come out with a Christmas album that’s totally based on God’s Word. This new album tells the […]

20 Powerful Bible Promises

The Bible is full of promises. From the promise God made to Abraham that he would be a father of many nations to the promise that Jesus would come again soon, our Lord is faithful in keeping His word. Below, we’ve collected just a few of these promises that point to the power of the […]