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About Haven Ministries

all about Jesus since 1934

A well-known and respected Los Angeles radio personality in the early 1930’s, Paul Myers’ life was out of control. His success had brought him no happiness and his alcoholism had even forced his wife to kick him out, though she continued to pray for his salvation and recovery.

Reduced to the life of a homeless alcoholic, Paul Myers sought refuge in a San Diego church service. After being turned away because of his repellent and drunken appearance, Myers went back to his cheap hotel and started reading the Gideon Bible. Convicted of his sin and devastated by his circumstances, he sought forgiveness and professed faith in Christ. One month later he was back on the radio, but this time as a broken man saved by grace — it was 1934 and The Haven of Rest radio broadcast had begun.

Since that time, God has used this ministry to bring thousands to faith in Christ. Now called HAVEN Today, the daily broadcast airs on more than 600 stations in North America and around the world. Through the Anchor daily devotional guide, thousands more are encouraged each day to live their lives through Christ and for Christ.

Haven Ministries is united with one common purpose . . . to tell the Great Story that’s all about Jesus.

About Charles Morris

As Speaker and President of Haven Ministries, Charles Morris brings a rich background to Christian radio from secular media. Starting his career as a broadcast news reporter, he then worked as an editor and bureau chief for United Press International. He also served as press secretary for two former U.S. Senators in addition to owning and managing a radio station.


While in seminary in Philadelphia, he began consulting and then worked as an assistant to the late Dr. James Montgomery Boice before coming to Haven as the ministry’s fourth speaker in 2000. Now as the leader of the 84-year-old radio ministry, Charles is always thinking of ways to lead Christians and non-Christians to Christ – hence the familiar slogan, “Telling the great story … it’s all about Jesus.”

Charles, and his wife Janet, have co-authored several books including Saving a Life, Jesus in the Midst of Success, and their most recent book,Fleeing ISIS, Finding Jesus. They have three children and are also the proud grandparents of Charlotte, Gracie, Ricky and Charlie.
Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith

We believe the Holy Scriptures are God’s Word, divinely inspired, infallible, the supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

We believe in one God, eternally existent in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, his full divinity, his virgin birth, his sinless humanity, his atoning death, his bodily resurrection, his ascension, his present mediatorial work at the right hand of God and his personal imminent return in power and glory.

We believe in the Holy Spirit who regenerates, indwells and empowers believers to bear fruit for God.

We believe there is salvation for sinners through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ by grace through faith, apart from works.

We believe all true believers are united in Christ and together comprise the church, the Body of Christ.

We believe the church is commissioned by Christ to go into the world and make disciples of all nations.

We believe there will be a resurrection and a final judgment; the lost will be eternally condemned and the saved will enter into their inheritance in the new heavens and the new earth.

Financial Accountability

Thank you for your interest in supporting Haven. We want you to know that we value not only your gifts but also your willingness to trust us with your resources. If you do have any questions about how your financial contribution will be handled, the following links might put your mind at ease as to the seriousness with which we treat our accountability to you, our supporter.


Why should I support Haven?

Haven is a Christian charity. Our objective is to promote the cause of Jesus Christ from a traditional evangelical perspective, as represented by our Statement of Faith. The Bible encourages the body of Jesus Christ to generously support those who minister to the spiritual needs of others. The Old Testament allegorically illustrates this when the nation of Israel was instructed to care for the Levitical priests (Lev. 18:21-24). The New Testament more directly confirms this very same principle (Rom. 15:24-28, 1 Cor. 9:11-14, 2 Cor. 8:1-4, Gal. 6:6. Phil. 4:15-18, I Tim. 5:17-18, Titus 3:13-14, Philemon 22, Heb. 7:4-6). Based on this scriptural background, we do not believe it is inappropriate to request your financial assistance in helping us minister the truths of Jesus to a needy world.

But Haven is also a Christian charity. As such, the federal governments in both the United States and Canada have acknowledged that our work contributes to the betterment of society and that our ability to accomplish this is dependent on gifts from those whose heart resonates with our mission. To help us meet our objectives, the governments have given us the legal right to designate your gifts as “charitable” which entitles us to receipt your gift and provide you with a significant tax saving. This is their way of encouraging individuals to support not-for-profit organizations such as Haven.

So as a charity, we are totally dependent on voluntary donations. Sometimes there is a misperception that radio stations pay us for the privilege of airing our broadcast or that we have sponsors or advertisers who subsidize our costs. Neither of these scenarios is accurate. It is only through the gifts of concerned people such as yourself that we are able to continue doing what we are doing. Since 1934 this has been our policy and God has honored that. We are grateful for your willingness to continue this tradition and to share with us in “Telling the Great Story” which is all about Jesus!


Where will my money go?

The focus of Haven is communication — communicating the Great Story which is all about Jesus. The primary means of doing this is through our daily radio broadcast, HAVEN Today. By far our costliest budget item each year is radio air-time and, as a result, the largest percentage of your gift will be used for that purpose.

Our secondary means of communication is through our internet ministry. Although this is not as costly as radio, nevertheless there are expenses involved in creating a website, maintaining it, and keeping the content current.

Thirdly, we also communicate the Great Story of Jesus through print form. This includes a daily devotional booklet called “Anchor” plus numerous other resources that are designed to help people grow in their Christian faith. Although we do have suggested donation amounts for people who order these items, nevertheless over the course of a year we have to subsidize the cost of obtaining them and mailing them out.

Lastly, we also have an overseas emphasis to our communication as we are currently broadcasting our radio program into China, Korea, Africa, India, Philippines, and the West Indies. As might be expected, there is little or no financial support from listeners in these countries so consequently our general budget in North America has to absorb these expenses.

Taking all of the above into consideration, your donation today will be used in approximately the following way.


      Radio Production and Airtime — 46%


      Printed Resources — 17%


      Website Ministry — 2.5%


    Overseas Ministry — 6.5%


      Office costs — 8%


      Salaries — 16%


    Fundraising — 4%

How do I know my donation will be used wisely?

Haven Ministries is a registered charity with the Government of Canada and, as such, files an annual report to ensure we are complying with all legalities associated with the status of charity. In addition, Haven is an affiliate member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities which helps ensure that we not only adhere to the letter of the law, but that we also comply with the intent of the law in handling all gifts in a responsible manner.

Since we are primarily funded by donations, we are committed to using every dollar donated for the purpose of furthering our mission. To ensure that is the case, we have developed an Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code for the benefit of our donors — our pledge to you.

A. Donors’ Rights

1. All contributors to Haven Ministries Association which are not themselves registered charities, are entitled to receive an official receipt for income tax purposes for the amount of eligible contributions made in cash or for the fair market value of the property contributed. The governing board may establish a minimum amount for the automatic issuance of official receipts, in which case smaller contributions will be receipted only upon request.

2. All fundraising solicitations by or on behalf of our organization will disclose our full legal name and the purposes for which funds are requested. When there is an appeal for special projects it will contain the statement below:

We promise to use your gifts in the manner you designate. However, spending of funds is confined to board approved programs and purchases. Therefore, each gift designated towards an approved program will be used as designated with the understanding that when any given need has been met, designated gifts will be used where needed most.

Printed solicitations (however transmitted) will also include our address or other contact information.

3. Contributors and prospective contributors are entitled to receive the following information promptly upon request:

  • our most recent annual report and audited financial statements as approved by the governing board or the membership;
  • our charity registration number (BN) as assigned by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency;
  • any information contained in the public portion of our most recent Charity Information Return (Form T3010)
  • a list of the names of the members of the governing board; and
  • a copy of this Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code.

4. Contributors and prospective contributors are entitled to know, upon request, whether an individual soliciting funds on our behalf is a volunteer, an employee or a fundraising consultant.

5. The privacy of contributors will be respected, including their right to remain anonymous, unless information must be released by law. Contributors have the right to receive a copy of their own contribution record and to challenge its accuracy.

6. The contributor or prospective contributor list will not be exchanged, rented or otherwise shared with other organizations.

7. Contributors and prospective contributors will be treated with respect. Every effort will be made to honour their request to:

  • limit the frequency of solicitations;
  • not be solicited by telephone or other electronic technology; and
  • receive printed material concerning our specific fundraising appeals.

8. The organization will respond promptly to a complaint by a contributor or prospective contributor about any matter that is addressed in this Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code. A designated staff member or volunteer will attempt to satisfy the complainant’s concerns in the first instance. A complainant who remains dissatisfied will be informed that he/she may appeal in writing to our governing board or its designate, and will be advised in writing of the disposition of the appeal. A complainant who is still dissatisfied will be informed that he/she may notify the Canadian Council of Charities in writing of his/her concerns.

B. Fundraising Practices

1. Our fundraising solicitations will:

  • truthfully describe our projects or programs for which the contributions will be used; and
  • respect the dignity and privacy of those who benefit from our activities in pursuit of our objects.

2. Volunteers, employees and hired fundraisers who solicit or receive funds on our behalf shall:

  • adhere to the provisions of this Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code;
  • act with fairness, integrity and in accordance with all applicable laws;
  • adhere to the provisions of the applicable professional codes of ethics, standards of practice, etc.;
  • cease solicitation of a prospective contributor who identifies the solicitation as harassment or undue pressure;
  • disclose immediately to the organization any actual or apparent conflict of interest;
  • not accept contributions for projects or programs that have not been approved by our board.

3. Paid fund raisers, whether staff or consultants, will be compensated by a salary, retainer or fee, and will not be paid finders’ fees, commissions or other payments based on either the number of contributions received or the value of funds raised. Compensation policies for fundraisers will be consistent with our policies and practices that apply to all our personnel.

4. If an external fundraiser is retained, access to our master contributor list will be limited and will be kept under strict control.

5. The governing board will be informed at least annually of the number, type and disposition of complaints received from contributors or prospective contributors about matters that are addressed in this Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code.

6. Our donors will be kept informed with reasonable comprehensive and current information about our organization and its ministries.

7. Contributors will be encouraged to seek independent professional advice before making a significant gift to ensure that the proposed contribution will not adversely affect the contributor’s financial position or his or her relationship with family members.

C. Financial Accountability and Organizational Integrity

1. The governing board shall be comprised of responsible individuals

  • the majority of whom are Canadian residents;
  • who are not employees of the organization, or otherwise receive compensation from the organization except as authorized by law.

2. The governing board shall:

  • hold at least two full-agenda meetings each year;
  • create policy for the organization;
  • maintain effective control over the organization;
  • establish a proper financial reporting system which permits the production of annual operating statements and a balance sheet, showing reasonable detailed information that:
    – is factual and accurate in all material respects;
    – identifies government grants and contributions separately from other contributions; and
    – is prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles established by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants;
  • ensure that the organization at all times operates within the limits of, and in accordance with, the objects in its governing documents;
  • takes seriously its responsibility to be conversant with and comply with federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations;
  • ensure that the organization is always open, honest and accurate in all its dealings;
  • not permit any officer, member of the governing board or staff member of the organization to receive royalties for the use of any property of such person that is used for fundraising or promotional purposes by the organization;
  • not permit the payment of fees for service that is based on a percentage of funds raised or is based on another form of paying commissions;
  • ensure that the organization will appropriately serve the interests of each contributor by the representatives of the organization clearly conveying the purposes and goals of raising funds;
  • avoid questionable motives or programs that are not factual, or negate the contributor’s sound judgment;
  • ensure that the organization, or its representative, does not by any means, either directly or indirectly, induce a contributor or other constituent to transfer to it a benefit from any other organization or purpose;
  • ensure that all government prescribed returns such as the Registered Charity Information Return (T3010) and voluntarily produced reports will be prepared factually, accurately and on a timely basis;
  • ensure that sufficient funds will be spent on administration and fundraising (where appropriate) to assure effective and efficient management of our resources;
  • ensure that the organization meets or exceeds its disbursement requirement imposed by section 149.1 of theIncome Tax Act, Canada; and
  • review the cost-effectiveness of our programs and report thereon in our annual report.